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Measuring the World

April 26, 2017 Autobiography novel, Novel

It is stunning biography. Really! I'm not a big fan of biographies or autobiographies and I read them not often. But this book amazed me and pleased me, despite the fact that...

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The Box

April 24, 2017 Autobiography novel

The novel The Box is a continuation of a kind of autobiographical cycle by Günther Grass, started by the book Peeling the Onion, but it is not necessary to read the first part of the novel to understand the text. The novel The Box is not narrated on behalf of the writer, but on behalf of his children. Grass writes as there are his children, and he had eight of them, decided to write down memories of the family and their childhood on a tape recorder. But in full, this novel is not an autobiography, many facts in the book have been changed, invented and embellished. To say what is true, and what was a figment of the author’s imagination is not so simple. Only about a few moments, we can say for sure that they did not happen. The names of the children have been changed, and the names of their mothers throughout the entire novel are not even mentioned. The only name known for sure is the name of the central character of the novel – Maria Rama. Around Maria all sorts of miracles occur in the novel, connected primarily with her boxing camera, which took absolutely unusual things and carried out her dreams. This camera can also be...

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Homo faber

March 13, 2017 Drama, Novel

Homo faber is one of Frisch’s key novels. In this book there are the motives that will later become leading in his work: the loneliness of human being in the world, powerless over the terrible destiny, no opportunity to change one’s destiny and, most importantly, the theme of duality. The main hero of the novel, Walter Faber, traveling, meets a girl and falls in love with her. This plot move receives an explanation on two levels of perception – realistic and philosophical… The main character Walter Faber is a pragmatic engineer, a rational person, he does not read novels, but only special literature and newspapers, he does not go to museums, he is to far from art, but he iknows aircraft brands, steam engines and cars. Engineer Faber is not passion person, therefore in order to awaken his feelings, events are necessary to be very severe. The main hero will know love, which is not comparable in strength and depth with anything experienced before, survive its loss and feel the approach of death. But not external events are important in the novel, but the internal process of the hero’s realization of worthlessness, the emptiness of his life; he has to realize when he is 50...

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I’m Not Stiller

February 26, 2017 Novel

I’m Not Stiller (1954) is a novel about a man who does not want to be himself. The novel is written in a non-traditional manner. There is no sustained actions, it is like there is no minimal order. I’m Not Stiller is written in a form of notes (like some other novels of Max Frisch), the author likes to write this way, since a person can be completely honest only with himself. Life, according to Frisch, is a clash of a man with his own role and resistance to it. In a quiet and peaceful bourgeois Switzerland, there is a scandal – a man missing a few years ago refuses to admit that he is a he, despite all the clear evidence and testimonies of acquaintances. Not just of a baker from the next street, no. The evidence of his friends, brother, wife – those who knew him, knows him, knows his every gesture. Can all these people be wrong? Or is the defendant lying to them, inventing stories, one more absurd than the other? Who is he? The missing Shtiller? Or not Shtiller, of what is he trying to convince everyone? Here it is, the main intrigue, the main storyline of the novel, reflected in the...

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The Clown

February 16, 2017 Novel

The whole novel describes a day in the life of the 27-year-old clown Hans Schnier, who recalled the previous seven years of his turbulent life.

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