Joseph and His Brothers

April 19, 2017 Novel

Joseph and His Brothers is a four-part novel by Thomas Mann, written in 1926-1943 and retelling in detail well-known biblical story of Joseph. So, there are my five facts about Joseph and His Brothers. Firstly, if you do not know anything about the biblical stories, harvests, droughts and love of Jacob to Rachel, you need firstly to read not Bible, of course, but at least short retelling for children. Because there are different interpretations of the same name, a lot of new new ones on each page – it confuses at the beginning and all you need to remember them is to make schematic maps. And then comes the understanding that you just needn’t to focus on this moment. My second fact: take this book not as a text to analize, but take it as a story. Like a fairy tale. And, suddenly, it turns out that you can remember the events and you can already, though not like Mann, but quite clearly tell someone about what you have read and what have happened. Thirdly, I really liked the first part of the book. Much more than the other parts. But it was the most difficut to understand. It was necessary to understand how to be involved in what is happening. Only...

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