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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

January 24, 2017 Novel

I really like the self-titled movie, it’s gorgeous. But the book is a real masterpiece. It would seem that the entire story is already familiar to me and the book is unlikely to be anything that can surprise me, but it managed to do it. Especially I liked the author’s language, it is extraordinary, very colorful and bright. The writer harmoniously combines incompatible things and this is quite interesting. The main character of the novel is Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. He was born on the market square among slop and dead fish, he had little chance to survive, but he could. Grenouille was endowed with a special gift, he had an excellent sense of smell, which caught and kept in memory all the smells that had ever met. Initially, the circumstances in which the protagonist was born make us feel sympathize with this poor child, because no one knows that he will become a monster, which will kill to achieve his goal. The novel is exciting from the very beginning by an unpleasant description of the local market, which from the first lines dips the reader into the world of smells. The author tells how Paris smells, how people, rivers, houses smell...

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The Pigeon

January 19, 2017 Novella

When you begin to read this story, you cannot understand: whether you are crazy, or the author. Everything in Jonathan’s life is good, he is satisfied with everything and has no complaints, but one day he leaves his room, and on the doorstep – you just will not believe in it! – there is the dove. She sits like that and looks into Jonathan’s eyes, and her eyes are strange … In general, Jonathan was afraid of the dove and he ran away from home. Here I stopped and sighed. Was afraid of the dove? Are you kidding? But the story intrigued me and I keep reading, and there I completely forgot about the dove. Do you have such a feeling that everything goes bad because of one thing? Yes, I bet you do. The same thing happened with Jonathan. The protagonist is sociopath, partly misanthrope. Jonathan just a little more over fifty years, he is the guard at the bank, who lives in a house with concierge. He has no close friends, but he doesn’t need them. He was well on his own. He is just a lonely man who is surrounded by fears. But these fears are not...

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The Story of Mr. Sommer

January 17, 2017 Novella

This book opens us new sides of talent of Patrick Süskind, the author of the famous “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”. “The Story of Mr. Sommer” is a very strange and sad story. The writer tells the story on behalf of a teenager whose inner world he presents with unconcealed tenderness and a touch of irony. It is a piece that is absolutely not similar to any other. It speaks on behalf of the child, contemplating adulthood. Childlike innocence with powers of observation combines with the same childlike fear, snare and, thereby, forming a Personality. It is amazingly interesting process for which Süskind did not regret paints. What is Mr. Sommer? It is a man without a past, who along with his wife once appeared in the village, where the boy lived. Once she got off the bus, he came on foot. From nowhere. No one knew for sure either his name, or any personal information, at least, partially revealing the real nature of Mr. Sommer. I want to mention that these elements are extremely symbolic. Is a man a mystery? Who is he? From where? What for? What is the purpose of his stay on this Earth –...

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The Double Bass

January 14, 2017 Play

The protagonist is playing double bass for 18 years, he has a place in the state orchestra, stable salary with a stable pay raise every other year, fixed working hours and vacation days, and insurance. And he has this very double bass, made in 1910, which can be sold at a price to twice as for which it was bought, and that destroyed the life of his owner. Double bass is important bass instrument in an orchestra, and at the same time, double bassists stand always behind, being the most invisible, receiving the last applause. Double bass is one of the largest musical instruments, it is mobile, but it takes up much space, it is always in sight, he is watching you … Unfortunate musician may have the craziest thoughts. The main hero insulated himself from the whole world, locked himself in the sound-proof room, and said no to love, and all to his double bass, everything he is doing is because of it. In his room, the musician shares with us his own thoughts, feelings, talks about his life, about the musicians, the woman he loves. Different feelings are fighting in him, now he is praising his instrument, now...

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