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Dragon Rider

Only in fairy tales for young children all dragons are ferocious and terrible, and eat princesses for breakfast. But the truth is, the dragons are noble, brave and eat only moonlight. Ten-year-old Ben saw this personally, because his friend was a silver dragon named Firedrake. Dragon Rider is a magical story about how the dragon Firedrake, boy Ben and the Brownie Sorrel go in search of the homeland of all the dragons. On their way, they not only managed to make new friends, but also had to fight with a dangerous enemy. The reader can learn a lot of new and interesting things: that dragons, as it turns out, eat exclusively moonlight, and it also serves as fuel for flights, that brownies care for dragons better than all fairy-tale creatures; that homunculus are living creatures, not created by nature, but by humans, and much more. In general, it is a good sign, when the plot of the children’s book is interesting not only for the target audience, but also for adults. The book is easy to read and the narrative contains humor. However, after reading, the most pleasant impressions remained. Still, I really love fairy tales (especially fairy tales about dragons), and Dragon Rider is written easily and with humor. In addition, it features interesting...

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Tales of a Long Night

February 2, 2017 Novel

It is the final work in the work of one of the most interesting German writers. The work itself and especially its form are also intersting. There are no actions, except the ending. There are people, there are stories that they tell, which perfectly show their worldview. Let’s start with the main characters and the plot. It was the end of the Second World War. The main hero of the novel is a young guy who returned from the war disabled, without a leg that he lost during the war. Here you can immediately feel an unobtrusive motive of physical disability, passing through some works of Alfred Döblin (for example, Berlin Alexanderplatz), a symbol of renunciation of everything carnal. He, disabled, with a psychological trauma, comes to his home, where conflict is already taking place. And Edward acts as a catalyst. He inquisitively is looking for the truth, after finding which he is deeply disappointed. Once inside the walls of his home, he begins to notice that everything has changed for the worse (or everything was like that, but he did not notice). A father who does not need him, a mother who has not loved her father for a long time (and did she love?). Edward (the main character)...

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December 28, 2016 Growing-up novel, Novel

Demian is a philosophical novel, gloomy and mystical. We can consider it autobiographical as well – it is said in the foreword to the novel. It is a famous work, which had a huge impact on the writer’s further work, and the great Thomas Mann compared this book with The Sorrows of Young Werther. It is the story about a human being and how he is growing up and becoming a young man, who step by step moves farther away from the hypocritical norms of public morality and more and more reveals for himself his deep, dark personality. He is assisted by a mysterious friend of Demian – either the devil, or the mysterious deity, or just  the product of the imagination of the main character… In the book, in theory, there are two main characters, as well as those who appear only for a couple of chapters, but also plays an important role and makes some changes. But missing the fact that the narrative is conducted only from one of the main characters – my attention was definitely focused on the second one. In any case, the title of the novel is his name – Demian. Who is Demian? Who knows. From the first pages he is a mystery and the word...

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