February 12, 2017 Novel

It is very interesting and intriguing book. A book that you need to read to remember once again about simple things that we often do not appreciate.

Since it was written by Remarque, this book is about lost people. About people who do not have a place in this world, but they still live. And they do not just live, they dare to have friendship and love, to help another people. And who do not even lose faith in good. And they help others. And they keep trusting people, because if you do not trust anyone at all, it’s better not to live. However, there are also those who have completely lost interest in life and prefer to end it at once. Is it possible to blame them? When a person has no home, no family, no close people, when he does not have anything at all and every day he lives only with the thought “will they catch me or not, what will I eat today and where will I spend the night”, a life in a prison already seems to be not so bad option – you will have food, drink and a roof over your head – what can make such a person continue his struggle for existence? Why does he need such a life?

And there is no hope that everything will change. These people have become undesirable for their state, and no one need them. No papers – no person. No passport or residence permit? Illegally crossed the border? Go back. Oh, you just from there? It’s unfortunate, but what can we do? This is the order, illegal immigrants are supposed to be expelled. The situation is stupid and ridiculous, even caricatural. And it’s even more terrible, because under such caricatural conditions many people lived for years. They just had no choice.

Just yesterday you were an ordinary person with family and job, friends and neighbors. Today you are nobody. Because someone doesn’t like you. It can happen to anyone. And it’s scary. Vicious circle. Without documents you have no right to live anywhere on this planet. But you are not going to die. Everything you can do is to cross the border over and over again, to wander from country to country, never knowing peace and being afraid of police? And the police do not sleep,they have to guard respectable citizens. And immigrants bring nothing but troubles. And people continue to prove the right to their own existence every day. From the first and to the last word you live the life of the main characters and experience all the tragic events with them.

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Jonathan Schindler: