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The Land of Green Plums

Perhaps people will never get tired of talking about hard times. Totalitarian regimes are a painful topic for the whole of Europe. It is impossible not to mention that the thread of the narrative in this novel constantly slips out of the reader’s hands. The main heroine of the novel is an ordinary girl. Through her feelings, thoughts and deeds uncover consciousness, the uselessness of being in the system of total control, lack of incentive to create. Attempts by the main heroes to fight the system are too weak. For most of them, life ends tragically, only the main heroine manages to escape from the country.

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Nowhere in Africa

April 29, 2017 Autobiography novel

Full of drama, filled with unforgettable characters, with mild humor and bitter irony, painted by the unique African color, Stephanie Zweig’s novel Nowhere in Africa has all the qualities of the book, which is destined to live long. In general, the plot is rather unusual and interesting (for me personally). The family of a successful Jewish lawyer moves from Nazi Germany to Kenya. And a new life begins, very different than the life, to which they are accustomed.

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Measuring the World

April 26, 2017 Autobiography novel, Novel

It is stunning biography. Really! I'm not a big fan of biographies or autobiographies and I read them not often. But this book amazed me and pleased me, despite the fact that...

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The Box

April 24, 2017 Autobiography novel

The novel The Box is a continuation of a kind of autobiographical cycle by Günther Grass, started by the book Peeling the Onion, but it is not necessary to read the first part of the novel to understand the text. The novel The Box is not narrated on behalf of the writer, but on behalf of his children. Grass writes as there are his children, and he had eight of them, decided to write down memories of the family and their childhood on a tape recorder. But in full, this novel is not an autobiography, many facts in the book have been changed, invented and embellished. To say what is true, and what was a figment of the author’s imagination is not so simple. Only about a few moments, we can say for sure that they did not happen. The names of the children have been changed, and the names of their mothers throughout the entire novel are not even mentioned. The only name known for sure is the name of the central character of the novel – Maria Rama. Around Maria all sorts of miracles occur in the novel, connected primarily with her boxing camera, which took absolutely unusual things and carried out her dreams. This camera can also be...

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