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The Land of Green Plums

Perhaps people will never get tired of talking about hard times. Totalitarian regimes are a painful topic for the whole of Europe. It is impossible not to mention that the thread of the narrative in this novel constantly slips out of the reader’s hands. The main heroine of the novel is an ordinary girl. Through her feelings, thoughts and deeds uncover consciousness, the uselessness of being in the system of total control, lack of incentive to create. Attempts by the main heroes to fight the system are too weak. For most of them, life ends tragically, only the main heroine manages to escape from the country.

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Effi Briest

April 8, 2017 Novel, Realist novel

Effi Briest is a realist novel by Theodor Fontane. Seventeen-year-old Effie Briest, the only daughter of a provincial nobleman, marries a longtime admirer of her mother, Geert von Innstetten. He is a serious man who wants to make a great career, and the life of Effie will be comfortable with him. But when she finds herself in the oppressive atmosphere of a small resort town, in a home that is frightening her, next to her husband, who is constantly focised on business, she began to feel herself lonely and lost… Effi Briest is a novel about how social conventions and the desire to look decent in the eyes of others can ruin not only marriage, but the whole life. What did Geert achieve with the duel? Only a couple of deaths and childhood without a mother. But what these irrelevant things, in his opinion, mean in comparison with his desire to be a successful minister? Of course, at the end of the novel he starts to think about it, but is not it too late? All his life, Effi’s life and the childhood of their daughter are destroyed. I can not blame Effi for what happened, but I can blame her parents. Although society and its rules are to blame too. It doesn’t matter who...

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