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February 7, 2017 Fairytale, Novella

Krabat is one of those tales which fascinate and scare at the same time. It is filled with fearsome but intriguing secrets.

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Heart of Stone

February 5, 2017 Fairytale

Heart of Stone is the most romantic work of the famous German storyteller Wilhelm Hauff. Young coalman Peter Marmot dreams of wealth and he is ready to do anything to get it… even to give his heart. Heart of Stone can be easily called the best work of Hauff. As a true German, he glorifies the work! In addition, this fairy tale is more relevant than ever. Although the fairy tale was written in 1827. A heart of stone does not mean that a person doesn’t care. A heart of stone is a complete indifference, endless cynicism. The fairy tale Heart of Stone tells us about a man named Peter Marmot. He lived in Germany in the the Black Forest. His father died when the boy was 16 years old, so his mother said him to work as a coalman. But his life changed in one day. He met the small Glasmännlein ( the glass dwarf) that had to fulfill his three wishes. The first two were very stupid ones, and brought him nothing, but harm. Another character of the fairy tale was Holländer-Michel. He proposed Peter to replace his real hot heart with a heart of stone. But it also brought Peter nothing good. This fairy tale tells us that is it bad to indulge your thoughtless desires. You should...

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