The Devil’s Prayer Book

The Devil’s Prayer Book

July 6, 2017 Horror, Novel

The new urban-mystery thriller “The Devil’s prayer book” written by the outstanding author Markus Heitz is the perfect combination of supernatural, evil and subtle horror. In a one year, Tabeus Boch has to pay off its debts to get rid of its private bankruptcy. Gambling, drugs and dissipated life led to his financial hardship. Every night at the Baden-Baden casino, he makes bets under the name of Security-Mann and indulges his old weaknesses. Thank goodness in real life we are able to gamble just for fun, and there is just a right place for this on the top ratings and reviews info source on Svenskkasinon casino catalogue website.

One evening, when the rich and prosperous Russians invite him to an illegal casino, he first hears about Superior, a play, which eventually turns something on its head. Entirely by accident, Tabeus takes a possession of a very old gambling card. The card seems not only very addictive, but it also has something magical. There are rumors that this card badly influenced a former player who subsequently lost a lot of money. However, the main hero quickly realizes that having taken a possession of the card in a violent way, he would not be able to hold this ancient card for a long time. Boch has no idea what power really hides behind this card, the power that has lived in it for many centuries!

In this novels, Markus Heitz once again showed his great writing skills and create a truly splendid novel. In fact, I had a lot of fun reading this book. Heitz has a great narrative style. The author allows to follow the action. Thanks to two main storylines, Heitz lets us enter the present as well as the old Leipzig of the 18th century. In the old Leipzig, where the card game appeared for the first time, we also encounter the young Goethe, whose idea for his Faust, marvelously and quite logically interwoven with the novel’s plot.

Nevertheless, the plot is also very confusing in some places. Markus Heitz introduces a lot of different characters. They all are unique, and sometimes dubious, whose game activity fascinate the reader from the first page and drag him to the tangible world tight with the web. Unexpected turns of card games also create a sense of devilish presence. The game of each character and crazy tension create in the imagination of the reader an incredibly vibrant and colorful image. The book invites us to enjoy a great idea and fully reveals fabulous fantastic history.

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