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The Woman on the Stairs

July 29, 2018 Drama, Novel, Romantic novel

In this book, it showed not even a love triangle, but a whole square: a young woman, her husband, who is a rich aging merchant, an artist, and a lawyer. In the center of attention, Irena – attractive and unusual woman, and the painting “Woman on the Stairs”, written by a famous artist, who fell in love with our heroine.

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Love Virtually

July 28, 2018 Drama, Novel, Romantic novel

Leo and Emmy are two completely different people, although … it is still impossible to judge the depth of people using small messages on the Internet. They accidentally found each other and just unintentionally attached to each other. Unintentionally, but very strong. In this book, you find E-mails full of feelings, emotions, joys, sorrows. You will sympathize main heroes and go with them to this interesting and romantic journey. This book is made in an interesting modern form of writing. Although this form is not new, many authors used messages or letters, as a form of work, to achieve greater intimacy and attract more readers. The trick is that we all like to read other people’s letters … But not all of us allow ourselves to do this. Indeed, it is curious and tickles the nerves to look into the open page of the social network or read the message. And now the author of this book kindly gives us the opportunity to read someone else’s secret letters. Interesting! In addition, a lot of people will find the Internet romance, love and flirting in another dimension familiar and exciting. For me, the book was insanely easy to read. The author...

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Dog Years

July 27, 2018 Drama, History novel, Novel, War novel

Every book by Gunter Grass is a challenge. This fight is a cruel and uncompromising battle with oneself, not for life, but for death. The book is divided into three parts, and the narrative is conducted on behalf of three different characters. This pre-war, military and post-war years – formally different, but in fact – the same dog years. In addition to the chronology, one can also assume another principle of dividing the novel into parts. In the final, one of the main characters – Eduard Amzel – demonstrates to the friend three “primary emotions”. They are cry, laughter and teeth gnashing. To some extent, they relate to the three parts of the novel. The theme of the work is how human thoughts could be filled with a nonhuman idea and ideology – fascism. But the author does not directly point to the evil, he points to the guilty. Author, gradually allows the reader to trace the birth of Nazism in people’s heads, in fleeting shades of speech, in the behavior of this collective madness. The text of the novel abounds with a subtle irony, both light and sad. Grass conveys a truthful picture of the life of Germany in...

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The Land of Green Plums

Perhaps people will never get tired of talking about hard times. Totalitarian regimes are a painful topic for the whole of Europe. It is impossible not to mention that the thread of the narrative in this novel constantly slips out of the reader’s hands. The main heroine of the novel is an ordinary girl. Through her feelings, thoughts and deeds uncover consciousness, the uselessness of being in the system of total control, lack of incentive to create. Attempts by the main heroes to fight the system are too weak. For most of them, life ends tragically, only the main heroine manages to escape from the country.

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Homo faber

March 13, 2017 Drama, Novel

Homo faber is one of Frisch’s key novels. In this book there are the motives that will later become leading in his work: the loneliness of human being in the world, powerless over the terrible destiny, no opportunity to change one’s destiny and, most importantly, the theme of duality. The main hero of the novel, Walter Faber, traveling, meets a girl and falls in love with her. This plot move receives an explanation on two levels of perception – realistic and philosophical… The main character Walter Faber is a pragmatic engineer, a rational person, he does not read novels, but only special literature and newspapers, he does not go to museums, he is to far from art, but he iknows aircraft brands, steam engines and cars. Engineer Faber is not passion person, therefore in order to awaken his feelings, events are necessary to be very severe. The main hero will know love, which is not comparable in strength and depth with anything experienced before, survive its loss and feel the approach of death. But not external events are important in the novel, but the internal process of the hero’s realization of worthlessness, the emptiness of his life; he has to realize when he is 50...

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Every Man Dies Alone

January 12, 2017 Drama, Novel

Optimistic readers should pay attention not only to the location where the events took place, but also to the title of the book. The emphasis is on word “alone”. Everyone dies alone. Everyone dies. But Otto and Anna does not have to die. They could survive, continuing their quiet life, working Otto, keeping a modest household Anna, almost without communication with their neighbors, economy, humility and constancy. But dying the only and beloved son, and has long been sneaking suspicion about the unrighteousness of war and Hitler’s crime policy takes the form of confidence and conviction. And now Berlin to Otto and Anna is not native and favorite city, and, above all, a place of feat, quiet modest feat, that maybe saved nobody, that maybe nothing changed, but which approved the humanism and humanity once again, and already it is so important and beautiful. Fallada’s style is simple, clear, realistic and it is very good in the “Little man” of the early thirties, but in this last novel, it is simply brilliant. When the choice is made, its consequences are inevitable, and not everyone can be proud meet adequately the consequences of their own choices with pride and dignity. Otto...

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The Reader

January 9, 2017 Drama, Novel

The book is not large, the plot is rather interesting, and so I have read it very quickly. The whole novel is divided into three parts. The first one is bright and sensual. Michael meets Hannah not under the most romantic circumstances. He could not imagine how this accidental will affect him. He is a 15-year-old boy, she is over thirty. He is a student, she is a tram conductor. What do they have in common? Not so few things – sex and books. She once helped him when he needed it, and that way the story begins. A 15-year-old teenager falls in love with a woman, who is now 36. But was it love? I don’t think so. The mutual satisfaction, but not love. I do not blame Hannah, but I don’t understand why she did it, is she really so lonely? Of course, Michael was inspired by his secret life after the lessons, and Hannah listened enthusiastically when he read to her out loud. But their affair did not last long. One day, Hannah simply disappeared.  Part II. Trial. It has been eight years since Michael saw Hannah the last time. And soon they meet again in the...

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