Love Virtually

Love Virtually

July 28, 2018 Drama, Novel, Romantic novel

Leo and Emmy are two completely different people, although … it is still impossible to judge the depth of people using small messages on the Internet. They accidentally found each other and just unintentionally attached to each other. Unintentionally, but very strong. In this book, you find E-mails full of feelings, emotions, joys, sorrows. You will sympathize main heroes and go with them to this interesting and romantic journey.

This book is made in an interesting modern form of writing. Although this form is not new, many authors used messages or letters, as a form of work, to achieve greater intimacy and attract more readers. The trick is that we all like to read other people’s letters … But not all of us allow ourselves to do this. Indeed, it is curious and tickles the nerves to look into the open page of the social network or read the message. And now the author of this book kindly gives us the opportunity to read someone else’s secret letters. Interesting! In addition, a lot of people will find the Internet romance, love and flirting in another dimension familiar and exciting.

For me, the book was insanely easy to read. The author himself presents all the details that are necessary for understanding, and does not expand the world “he-she”. Although how else can be a novel in the format of e-mails? Not even ordinary, but electronic letters. This book is definitely worth attention.

In my opinion, the book “Love Virtually” is one of the bestsellers of our time. It became one of my favorite and I definitely advise everyone to read it “between the lines, between words, between letters” and find the main, interesting, intimate and fascinating that this book can give.

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Gebbert Friedrich: