The Double Bass

January 14, 2017 Play

The protagonist is playing double bass for 18 years, he has a place in the state orchestra, stable salary with a stable pay raise every other year, fixed working hours and vacation days, and insurance. And he has this very double bass, made in 1910, which can be sold at a price to twice as for which it was bought, and that destroyed the life of his owner. Double bass is important bass instrument in an orchestra, and at the same time, double bassists stand always behind, being the most invisible, receiving the last applause. Double bass is one of the largest musical instruments, it is mobile, but it takes up much space, it is always in sight, he is watching you … Unfortunate musician may have the craziest thoughts. The main hero insulated himself from the whole world, locked himself in the sound-proof room, and said no to love, and all to his double bass, everything he is doing is because of it. In his room, the musician shares with us his own thoughts, feelings, talks about his life, about the musicians, the woman he loves. Different feelings are fighting in him, now he is praising his instrument, now...

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