The Devil’s Prayer Book

July 6, 2017 Horror, Novel

The new urban-mystery thriller “The Devil’s prayer book” written by the outstanding author Markus Heitz is the perfect combination of supernatural, evil and subtle horror. In a one year, Tabeus Boch has to pay off its debts to get rid of its private bankruptcy. Gambling, drugs and dissipated life led to his financial hardship. Every night at the Baden-Baden casino, he makes bets under the name of Security-Mann and indulges his old weaknesses. Thank goodness in real life we are able to gamble just for fun, and there is just a right place for this on the top ratings and reviews info source on Svenskkasinon casino catalogue website.

One evening, when the rich and prosperous Russians invite him to an illegal casino, he first hears about Superior, a play, which eventually turns something on its head. Entirely by accident, Tabeus takes a possession of a very old gambling card. The card seems not only very addictive, but it also has something magical.

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Dark Matter

July 30, 2018 Detective, Novel, Suspense, Thriller

In the book “Dark Matters” we meet Sebastian and his lovely family, consisting of the wife Mikey and the son Liam. Sebastian has a friend Oscar. Sebastian and Oscar are physicists, their views on some questions vary, but this does not stop them from being friends. In general, these two characters cause conflicting feelings. They are two big opposites.

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The Woman on the Stairs

July 29, 2018 Drama, Novel, Romantic novel

In this book, it showed not even a love triangle, but a whole square: a young woman, her husband, who is a rich aging merchant, an artist, and a lawyer. In the center of attention, Irena – attractive and unusual woman, and the painting “Woman on the Stairs”, written by a famous artist, who fell in love with our heroine.

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Love Virtually

July 28, 2018 Drama, Novel, Romantic novel

Leo and Emmy are two completely different people, although … it is still impossible to judge the depth of people using small messages on the Internet. They accidentally found each other and just unintentionally attached to each other. Unintentionally, but very strong. In this book, you find E-mails full of feelings, emotions, joys, sorrows. You will sympathize main heroes and go with them to this interesting and romantic journey. This book is made in an interesting modern form of writing. Although this form is not new, many authors used messages or letters, as a form of work, to achieve greater intimacy and attract more readers. The trick is that we all like to read other people’s letters … But not all of us allow ourselves to do this. Indeed, it is curious and tickles the nerves to look into the open page of the social network or read the message. And now the author of this book kindly gives us the opportunity to read someone else’s secret letters. Interesting! In addition, a lot of people will find the Internet romance, love and flirting in another dimension familiar and exciting. For me, the book was insanely easy to read. The author...

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Dog Years

July 27, 2018 Drama, History novel, Novel, War novel

Every book by Gunter Grass is a challenge. This fight is a cruel and uncompromising battle with oneself, not for life, but for death. The book is divided into three parts, and the narrative is conducted on behalf of three different characters. This pre-war, military and post-war years – formally different, but in fact – the same dog years. In addition to the chronology, one can also assume another principle of dividing the novel into parts. In the final, one of the main characters – Eduard Amzel – demonstrates to the friend three “primary emotions”. They are cry, laughter and teeth gnashing. To some extent, they relate to the three parts of the novel. The theme of the work is how human thoughts could be filled with a nonhuman idea and ideology – fascism. But the author does not directly point to the evil, he points to the guilty. Author, gradually allows the reader to trace the birth of Nazism in people’s heads, in fleeting shades of speech, in the behavior of this collective madness. The text of the novel abounds with a subtle irony, both light and sad. Grass conveys a truthful picture of the life of Germany in...

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The Land of Green Plums

Perhaps people will never get tired of talking about hard times. Totalitarian regimes are a painful topic for the whole of Europe. It is impossible not to mention that the thread of the narrative in this novel constantly slips out of the reader’s hands. The main heroine of the novel is an ordinary girl. Through her feelings, thoughts and deeds uncover consciousness, the uselessness of being in the system of total control, lack of incentive to create. Attempts by the main heroes to fight the system are too weak. For most of them, life ends tragically, only the main heroine manages to escape from the country.

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The Glass Bead Game

July 25, 2018 Novel, Philosophical novel

“The Glass Bead Game” is a novel, where the author ironically depicts the artist’s departure from the material world into the world of artificial aesthetics. This story tells of a certain Josef Knecht, who lives in the idyllic country called Kastalia. This place is the refuge of all musicians and poets, historians and philosophers.

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The Thief Lord

Every child dreams to grow up quickly, because the world of adults seems to them a world in which you can be independent and do whatever you want. But we, those who have already grown up, realize that adult life is not so easy and great. And in the end, adults want to become children again, in order to play with toys and to sleep a lot. In what case people want to be who they are?

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Ghost Knight

If someone wants to write a fascinating book for teenagers, he should write it exactly in that way as Cornelia Funke does.

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Dragon Rider

Only in fairy tales for young children all dragons are ferocious and terrible, and eat princesses for breakfast. But the truth is, the dragons are noble, brave and eat only moonlight. Ten-year-old Ben saw this personally, because his friend was a silver dragon named Firedrake. Dragon Rider is a magical story about how the dragon Firedrake, boy Ben and the Brownie Sorrel go in search of the homeland of all the dragons. 

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May 2, 2017 Fantasy novel

Inkheart is the first part of the trilogy by the famous German writer Cornelia Funke. The main characters are brave twelve-year-old girl Maggie and her father, who has a wonderful gift: when he reads the book out loud, its characters come to life. However, in return for this, one of the listeners finds himself in a world invented by the writer, and as you know, there are not only good characters in books… The book is for children, but adults will read it with great interest.

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Nowhere in Africa

April 29, 2017 Autobiography novel

Full of drama, filled with unforgettable characters, with mild humor and bitter irony, painted by the unique African color, Stephanie Zweig’s novel Nowhere in Africa has all the qualities of the book, which is destined to live long. In general, the plot is rather unusual and interesting (for me personally). The family of a successful Jewish lawyer moves from Nazi Germany to Kenya. And a new life begins, very different than the life, to which they are accustomed.

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