The Woman on the Stairs

The Woman on the Stairs

July 29, 2018 Drama, Novel, Romantic novel

In this book, it showed not even a love triangle, but a whole square: a young woman, her husband, who is a rich aging merchant, an artist, and a lawyer. In the center of attention, Irena – attractive and unusual woman, and the painting “Woman on the Stairs”, written by a famous artist, who fell in love with our heroine.

It is complex and at the same time simple book. This story is about elusive beauty, about love, with pity and tenderness, about eternity and quick death, about the experiences of the main characters, about his love for Irene, which he carried in the heart, until her death … Irena- is a mystery, free and independent woman in everything: in relationships, in life. In my opinion, she was a fatal woman, leaving traces in the minds and hearts of men.

This is not a typical detective story about a lost picture and sold love, but a psychological drama. The main thought of this book is a person who leaves his life, changes the perception of the one who remains.

Schlink showed us that the age is not a hindrance for love, even if your lover is on your deathbed. The author also tells and shows us that we need to put into actions our most secret dreams, knowing in advance that they will never become a reality.

The book made for those who have always dreamed of being a secret. But in general, it makes you think. Does it really matter what someone thinks? is it necessary to live the way you have to live? For me, Schlink is a great writer. In his book, he puts a lot of burning questions of our time.

“The Woman on the Stairs” especially pleases with unexpected turns. There are a lot of them. I advise everyone to read this book. Everyone will surely find in this book something for his own.

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