May 2, 2017 Fantasy novel

Inkheart is the first part of the trilogy by the famous German writer Cornelia Funke. The main characters are brave twelve-year-old girl Maggie and her father, who has a wonderful gift: when he reads the book out loud, its characters come to life. However, in return for this, one of the listeners finds himself in a world invented by the writer, and as you know, there are not only good characters in books… The book is for children, but adults will read it with great interest.

I guess, everyone as a child had a dream that one of his or her favorite character could exist for real. I guess, a lot of people had a desire to find themself in an interesting story to experience exciting adventures together with the characters. But how could it be? What if it will be true? In this book it happened, but not the way, as it was pictured in the imagination. It turned out scary. But, most importantly, the solution was found, although it was difficult. Events develop dynamically. The characters are not only positive or negative, and this is unusual for children’s books. In general, the book is gorgeous, I thought, when I just started to read: the house, where the central place is for books. And in general, not only the house, but the lives of the characters are completely based on serving them. How I wanted to find myself there, beside them, and fully enjoy this book paradise. But, as often happens in a fairy tale, the good ends quickly and in order for everything to return, it is necessary to work hard. Then my desire to get into the fairy-tale world was gone, but there was a desire to find out what would happen next. A lot of things to me, no longer a child, seemed too unrealistic. But it is a fairy-tale! Therefore, have rejected all skepticism, I continued to read. And I was glad that I did it. After all, the book fully met my expectations. Yes, if you start to analyze, you can find a lot of little deficiencies. And what was most surprising, how harmoniously the author managed to enter many fairy-tale characters into the modern world. It is even possible to believe that the Magic Language can make monsters appear, or put real people into a book. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of modern children’s literature. But Inkheart was a pleasant discovery for me. And I was even more pleased that the book appeared in my home library.

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