The Dream Room

The Dream Room

January 26, 2017 Novel

I still cannot believe that this book was written by Remarque. It is different. It is not about a war, it is not about a lost generation. It is something lofty and unimaginable. Remarque was always able to convey to the reader some of his thoughts and reasonings in a simple and understandable language, whatever his thoughts were about. There are so many thoughts in this book that it is almost impossible to understand everything and to comprehend it. “The Dream Room” is an ode to love. To life, spring and happiness. Ode to faith in yourself, in others, in real feelings and in the desire to live. The main character is Fritz. But hi is not just an ordinary character. He is the person who represented a God for all guests of the The Dream Room. Thanks to him, everyone found himself. There is no need to describe in detail the behavior and life of the characters of the book. In the end, everyone became happy in his own way. And even when Fritz left theThe Dream Room, his soul remained with everyone. Depersting from the original idea, I can say that Fritz, despite he was self-denial and had a desire to make the people around him happy, he was a miserable person. The love he lost, his Lu – this grief pursued him, despite his positivity and rational thinking. He made everything for his love and got nothing. But I’m not sure that anyone can judge him. It was wrong for him to live in the past, though due to this he understood the true feelings of his friends and seemed to know what would happen next. I can not understand why most people don’t like this book. It is necessary to judge objectively – at the time of writing, Remarque did not know what war is. He just wrote a book about what he had in his heart, described what the love is and tried to explain to the reader what he thinks and how he understands the meaning of love. It seems to me that he did it. Perhaps it turned out to be sometimes naive, but Remarque nevertheless conveyed the basic idea very successfully. And that’s all that matters.

It is a rather touching novel. The author thinks of such things as love, friendship and humanity … but as if through rose-colored glasses. After reading this book, you will get to know another Remarque … who does not have a difficult past behind, but only sunny hopes of a few of which will come true.

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