The Pigeon

The Pigeon

January 19, 2017 Novella

When you begin to read this story, you cannot understand: whether you are crazy, or the author. Everything in Jonathan’s life is good, he is satisfied with everything and has no complaints, but one day he leaves his room, and on the doorstep – you just will not believe in it! – there is the dove. She sits like that and looks into Jonathan’s eyes, and her eyes are strange … In general, Jonathan was afraid of the dove and he ran away from home. Here I stopped and sighed. Was afraid of the dove? Are you kidding? But the story intrigued me and I keep reading, and there I completely forgot about the dove. Do you have such a feeling that everything goes bad because of one thing? Yes, I bet you do. The same thing happened with Jonathan.

The protagonist is sociopath, partly misanthrope. Jonathan just a little more over fifty years, he is the guard at the bank, who lives in a house with concierge. He has no close friends, but he doesn’t need them. He was well on his own. He is just a lonely man who is surrounded by fears. But these fears are not on the surface, as long as he faces once again with the object of his fear. And what do you do if your fear is an ordinary street pigeon? The one that flew into your room. Our main hero feels like he is losing his mind, and perhaps it is true. It is one thing to think about the object of one’s fear, and another thing is to face him. He realizes that he cannot return to the room in his apartment, as long as there is the dove. He should let out the dove opening the window a little wider! But when a person faces the object of his fear, it is paralyzing them. And it seems to him that this pigeon will scratch his face and will live in his apartment. And an inner voice tells him that he can’t handle it. And then the concierge will not help you. And the whole day you will be chased by bad luck. Worst of all is the fact, that the main hero believes in his weakness, admits it, but cannot change anything, because his knees are going weak with fear, and everything in his life is wrong. Süskind showed how often people simply are not ready to get out of their familiar world to change something or to do something. These people live in fear and cannot fight. People who are not ready to expand their comfort zone. And yet – is it possible to get rid of fears?

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