The Story of Mr. Sommer

The Story of Mr. Sommer

January 17, 2017 Novella

This book opens us new sides of talent of Patrick Süskind, the author of the famous “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”. “The Story of Mr. Sommer” is a very strange and sad story. The writer tells the story on behalf of a teenager whose inner world he presents with unconcealed tenderness and a touch of irony.

It is a piece that is absolutely not similar to any other. It speaks on behalf of the child, contemplating adulthood. Childlike innocence with powers of observation combines with the same childlike fear, snare and, thereby, forming a Personality. It is amazingly interesting process for which Süskind did not regret paints. What is Mr. Sommer? It is a man without a past, who along with his wife once appeared in the village, where the boy lived. Once she got off the bus, he came on foot. From nowhere. No one knew for sure either his name, or any personal information, at least, partially revealing the real nature of Mr. Sommer. I want to mention that these elements are extremely symbolic. Is a man a mystery? Who is he? From where? What for? What is the purpose of his stay on this Earth – the grain in the universe? The boy tells about Mr. Sommer who is always on the road. In any weather, in the rain, in the snow, under the hot sun, day and night, day by day, from dawn till dusk he goes somewhere with a backpack and a stick in his hand. The boy is watching all this, says all this on his own, in his own way, and only a few times he pushes the reader to the truth that is hidden in the shadows at the far end of the Great Scenes: in the phrase of Mr. Sommer, in his only phrase “but leave me finally alone!”, and in his last steps to the water, about which the boy did not tell anyone ever. Fear. The world perceived from the perspective that reflects the fear. Or the position explaining the understanding that noting makes sense, everything is aimless, transient, and every person in the inherently is lonely, he is running forever, he did not know from what, and most importantly, where … We’ll be familiar, Mr. Loneliness!

It is a beautiful and sad. A work that can be read both to children, teenagers and adults. Is it possible? Yes! As it turned out, this author can be completely different. It is difficult to even imagine how different. So do not imagine – better read it.

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